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Executive Committee


Executive Committee 2019

Mr. Sabyasachi Goswami PRESIDENT
Mr. Subhodeep Mazumdar GENERAL SECRETARY
Mr. Susobhan Pattanayak TREASURER
Mrs. Writuparna Mondal EXECUTIVE LADY MEMBER
Mr. Jaydeep Dasgupta EXECUTIVE MEMBER
Mr. Ashish Kumar Bhattacharjee EXECUTIVE MEMBER
Mr. Arijit Chattopadhyay EXECUTIVE MEMBER

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  1. Date : 20/10/2017
    Kolkata /India

    The Executive Director

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Greetings from Samaritan Help Mission-India !

    We are writing this letter to you as an appeal for Networking\ Partnership, Let us Introduce ourselves as an NGO based at West Bengal, Eastern part of India.
    Samaritan Help Mission is charitable educational institution running educational, health and vocational training program for the underprivileged children and women and in the Tikiapra slum of Howrah district of West Bengal, India

    Our Mission “To provide developmental opportunities to the poor and needy slum children with emphasis on young girls.

    To provide them with quality education and to impart life skill education, so as to explore and develop their hidden talents and capacities.

    To train them for secured livelihood so as to lead productive and fruitful life with self-esteem and self-dignity and to rise above the narrow consideration of caste creed, community religion or language and to build a strong nation.

    Samaritan Help Mission also setup to Provides basic Primary Quality Education and Skill Development\Vocational Training For the Self-Reliance of Street\Working Children.

    Samaritan Help Mission has a small computer lab containing six computers where they teach computer fundamentals to students.

    In less than six Years Samaritan Help Mission have been able to make 675 poor girls computer literate under the computer literacy project

    An English Medium school for the poor children of all communities, Samaritan Micro-Credit Program,

    Samaritan Micro-Credit program started in October 2008 and to date 124 women have been provided loans of between Rs.1000/- to 5000/- to start their own small businesses.

    The focus has been on the Vocational trainees who after undergoing training needs a loan to start their own business

    We running schools and health centre to the deprived section, we seek your support for Volunteers in our in different development projects for the underprivileged and in our society we can provide all volunteer assistance,

    We need your partnership/ Networking like Volunteers support and get enlistment to your organization to extend our programs and develop our organization performing and works to our country at grassroots level.
    Hope your cooperation will be highly appraised for making our performances and good networking with your organization from next coming days.

    I welcome you to visit our organization and working fields at your convenient time and see our work.

    If you need any more information about us please write me any time.
    for more activists of Samaritan Help Mission Please visit us at

    Thanks for your cooperation and wish you good day to you.
    You can visit us at
    The times now video ( Amazing India) story of Samaritan Help Mission

    I am attaching the brouchure of Samaritanhelpmission
    Akshay Mohanty
    Fund raising Office & PRO
    Head Office :

    Md.Mamoon Akhtar
    Samaritan Help Mission-India
    127, Noor Md Munshi Lane Howrah-711101 West Bengal India
    +91 9007094860 /+919331873584
    E mail : /
    Please visit us:-

    “When a child dies of neglect, it has
    not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that child what they needed.”

    Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta

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